About The Brand

Label Vi is for every woman looking to blend timeless elegance
with contemporary flair, resulting in pieces that are both classic and
cutting-edge. From luxurious fabrics to exquisite tailoring, every aspect of
our made to order creations is crafted with precision and passion, ensuring
that each garment not only looks stunning but also feels incredible to wear.


Welcome to the world of Label Vi, where my passion for inclusivity and impeccable craftsmanship converge to redefine modern elegance.

The label was born from my steadfast belief that every woman, regardless of her body type, deserves clothing that fits flawlessly, empowering her to express her personal style with confidence. This unwavering dedication to inclusivity fuelled my journey to hone technical expertise when bringing designs to life.

At the heart of Label Vi lies my love for sophisticated cuts, luxurious fabrics, and flattering silhouettes. While the label initially began as a bespoke custom clothing brand, it has since evolved to be a thoughtfully designed ready-to-wear label. Over time, our niche has expanded and I find that two things that customers always come to us for are: unique designs and comfort fit.

Behind the scenes at Label Vi, we operate with a commitment to sustainability and slow fashion practices. With a robust in-house production line and meticulous control over the manufacturing process, we ensure that every aspect of production aligns with our values of mindful fabric consumption and minimizing wastage.

For me, Label Vi is more than just creating beautiful garments; it's about empowering women and fostering self-expression with each impeccably crafted piece. Each outfit is meticulously designed to evoke a sense of sensuality, elegance, and confidence in the wearer, transcending mere fashion to become statements of personal style and sophistication. I truly believe every woman can embrace her uniqueness and radiate confidence, one exquisite garment at a time.